Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

This highly-esteemed and widely adopted classic has long been considered the most student accessible text for the management courses in marketing. The eleventh edition, expanded yet streamlined, builds on the fundamental strengths of the past editions while highlighting recent trends and developments in marketing. The text is woven around an emphasis on four key themes: -- Customer Relationship Management -- Brand Building -- Internet/Technology Revolution -- Marketing Around the Globe It explores how the traditional theories and practices of marketing management are responding to emerging technological and market realities. Written with a multidisciplinary perspective, this balanced, comprehensive coverage also addresses the needs of practicing managers to understand the strategic, tactical and administrative aspects of marketing against the new challenges and opportunities in the marketplace. Supplemented by diverse examples, illustrations, case studies, and stimulating exercises, the text brings the essentials of the subject into sharp focus, enhancing student confidence in identifying and resolving problems. New to this Edition and Special Features:- -- An entirely NEW Chapter 2 focuses on the impact of the Internet on marketing and consumers. -- Numerous examples of online companies and marketing illustrate how technology is changing business theory and practice. -- Chapters 19 and 21 dealing with marketing's communication function merged into a single NEW Chapter 20. -- NEW ideas and emerging trends in marketing explored in greater detail. -- NEW published research findings added to every topic. -- Over 100 NEW examples and minicases of good and bad company marketing practices added to supplement/replace older examples. -- The application section includes several NEW types of challenging practical exercises. -- Updated marketing memo and marketing insight boxes in addition to completely NEW Marketing for the New Economy boxes. -- NEW Marketing Debate and Online Marketing Today questions added to end-of-chapter exercises. -- Companion Website :

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