NSIS Tutorials Download

All the softwares come with an installer ,which is required for the installation of files ,registry entries and crreating shortcuts on the user's system.
NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a tool for developers to create such installers

The following NSIS tutorials can be downloaded

  • Add uninstall information to Add/Remove Programs
  • Add/Remove Functionality
  • Adding custom installer pages
  • Creating language files and integrating with MUI
  • Custom Dialog Free Space Summary of all Drives
  • Demonstrating Page's Custom Functions Pre Show Leave
  • Embedding other installers
  • GetDllVersion Command Explained
  • Install Options 2 Tutorial
  • InstallOptions The Usage of NOTIFY Flag
  • Invoking NSIS run-time commands on compile-time
  • Managing Sections on Runtime
  • NSIS Beyond a Traditional Installation
  • NSIS Beyond a Traditional Installation II
  • NSIS Installation Protection
  • Pop, Push, Exch... The Stack
  • Reading and Writing the Registry - NSIS makes it easy
  • Run an application shortcut after an install
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Start Menu Highlight
  • Strip Leading Zeros
  • Tutorial: Using labels in macro's
  • Using HM NIS Edit to create custom pages
  • Working Out Shell Folder Locations
Click here to download these tutorials
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