I Too Had A Love Story By Ravinder Singh

Description: In his debut novel I Too Had a Love Story, Ravinder Singh explores the relevance of love in a modern setting, where commitment is a term that's fast finding new definitions.

The book kicks off with the story of Ravin and Khushi, and their unconventional love story that fails to fall prey to general stereotypes. They are two complete strangers with different dreams and goals who meet each other online, in a matrimonial website. What follows next is a journey that reaffirms Ravin's faith in the magic of love, one that takes them through several emotional highs and lows.

Do Ravin and Khushi confess their feelings and get together?

Will their love, which blossoms through their online conversations, stand the test of time?

Ravinder Singh's novel is heartwarming mainly because the conversations and characters in the book are rooted in reality, so that every single reader can relate to the story.

About the Author
Ravinder Singh is one of the rising authors in the Indian literary scene, and he hails from a Sikh family in Odisha.

After his debut novel, he hit the right chords again with his book Can Love Happen Twice in the year 2011.

Ravinder Singh's writing style is lucid and simple. His books are ideal for light hearted reading.

Born in the year 1982, he initially pursued a career in an IT company, having completed his engineering. He turned to writing after joining ISB for a course in management. Apart from his literary pursuits, Singh is crazy about Punjabi music and is a snooker addict.

Size: 19 MB

No. of Pages: 112

Type: Story Oriented

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